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Various BMC resources are available online based on partner program benefits. Refer to your program manager for any specific questions. 

Technology Alliance Programs Partner Resources

Technology Alliance Programs (TAP)

TAP allows third-party organizations to design, market, and sell products and integrations aligned with BMC Software solutions. TAP offers SDKs, marketing tools, and validation programs, allowing our partners to produce high-quality, integrated solutions to meet the needs of our shared customers. 


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TAP Program Support 

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Solutions Provider Partner Program Resources

Solutions Provider Portal (SPP)

SPP offers partners access to restricted resources that are part of BMC Communities. Resources include pricing, incentives, deal registration, sales presentations, and training information. Register using your corporate email address (not using a social media account or personal email address), and indicate Partner in the Role drop-down menu. 


Solution Provider Portal (SPP) Secure Portal Login

SPP Registration Instructions
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SPP Program Support


BMC Customer Support Portal, EPD, Docs.bmc, and BMC Academy/iLearn

Once fully registered and subscribed, BMC Customer Support, EPD, Docs.bmc, and BMC Academy/iLearn all utilize the same login credentials. To register and subscribe, you need your company CSN, unique password, and Support ID. If you do not have this information, contact


BMC Customer Support Portal, EPD, Docs.bmc, and BMC Academy/iLearn Registration  

BMC Customer Support Portal, EPD, Docs.bmc, BMC Academy/iLearn, and PRM Password Reset

PRM Access Request (requires unique activation)

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Marketing Development Funds (MDF)

As part of the Solutions Provider benefits, partners are eligible for tier-based MDF. MDF is managed through a CCI portal and restricted to the primary marketing contact for any partner. For access information, contact


MDF via CCI Login


For any additional Solutions Provider inquiries, contact